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  • Land of Sound

    The Land of Sound (音の国, Oto no Kuni) is a neighbor country of the Land of Fire. It is a relatively new country in the political scene, though it has existed for some time under the name of the Land of Rice Fields (田の国, Ta no Kuni; "Land of Rice Paddies"). Orochimaru had conquered the country and convinced its daimyō to let him establish his own ninja village.

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  • Land of Rain

    The Land of Rain (Ame no Kuni) is a small nation situated in between three of the Five Great Nations, being the Land of Fire, Land of Wind and Land of Earth. It has served as a battleground in many wars for its position on the world map and over the years the people have remained in an impoverished state. Storm clouds loom over the land all year long but at times, it does stop, though very rarely. Within this nation is the small albeit highly industrialized ninja village called the Village Hidden by Rain (Amegakure no Sato) with a reputation for fear and success within the ninja world.   

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  • Land of Rivers

    The Land of Rivers (川の国, Kawa no Kuni) Pakkun had discovered the first known Akatsuki hideout in one of the country's caverns, where the Akatsuki extracted the Shukaku from Gaara's body. The hideout was decimated shortly thereafter during a battle between Sasori, Sakura and Chiyo, and subsequently abandoned. This country also holds Katabami Kinzan gold mine, village, and processing centre. There is an exclusive shop renowned as the Curry of Life shop. The Takumi Village and Tanigakure also reside here.

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    Concerns of a Lesser Nature [B-rank]
    Sat Jun 08, 2013 6:53 pm
    Shizue Uchiha View latest post
  • Land of Birds

    The Land of Birds (鳥の国, Tori no Kuni) is a small country located between the Land of Wind and the Land of Earth. Naruto, Neji, and Tenten were sent to the country to investigate the rumour of the ghost of Cursed Warrior, as well as protect the daimyō, Sagi. They eventually learned that a group of wandering ninja called the Watari ninja was hoping to take over the country through a complex conspiracy. These ninja were defeated in the end. This land gets its name from the large number of birds that migrate to it each year.

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  • Land of Waves

    The Land of Waves (波の国, Nami no Kuni) is a nation located on an island near the Land of Fire, and it does not have a hidden village, relying on seeking assistance from other Hidden Villages like Konohagakure. The Land of Waves has many rivers running through it and is famous for its mangroves, which are filled with all kinds of lifeforms. Though an isolated island, relying on shipping for commerce and trade, it was prosperous. This changed when Gatō set his sights on it, breaking the people's will and monopolising the shipping industry. In order to break this monopoly, Tazuna, a citizen of the Land of Waves, pursued the construction of a bridge connecting the island to the mainland. later with the help of Zabuza and the townspeople ending Gatō's reign of terror. With Gatō gone, the bridge was completed, connecting the Land of Waves to the Land of Fire, increasing commerce and trade and bringing more revenue to the Land. It is now a prosperous area.

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  • Land of Forests

    The Land of Forests (森の国, Mori no Kuni) is a country full of forests, which makes the river the only crossing access. The criminal group Shinobazu is acting around in this country. Gantetsu, who was a member of Shinobazu was captured and was supposed to be brought to the country's capital for a trial. He never made it however, as the ship was attacked by the Shinobazu. He "escaped" and, along with Naruto Uzumaki and another they managed to defeat the Shinobazu. In the end, Gantetsu's name was cleared.

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  • Land of the Sea

    The Land of the Sea (海の国, Umi no Kuni) consists of several islands, Mother Island being the main one. It's surrounded by three other islands; Jiro, Taro, and Demon Island. Jiro Island is where Anko Mitarashi was abandoned and taken as a test subject for the Cursed Seal of Heaven by Orochimaru, and was eventually found by the ANBU. Orochimaru had a hideout here, and several of his forbidden experiments were conducted here as well. One of his subordinates continued the work after Orochimaru abandoned it, leading to attacks on the local ships. It is not a prosperous nation, and relies on Land of Water ninjas for protection.

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