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The Chakra Bar

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The Chakra Bar

Post by Kazuma Uchiha on Fri May 31, 2013 4:01 am

In Narutoverse RPG members will have a Chakra Bar and as they utilize Jutsu it will continue to decrease in a thread each time a technique is used that requires Chakra. When members join new threads they begin anew with all their Chakra until they once again use techniques that decrease Chakra. Members will be responsible with maintaining their Chakra meaning they will be required to subtract Jutsu from their Chakra bar in a thread as well as list the Jutsu used in a spoiler below their post. If a member is caught cheating they will suffer the appropriate consequence. Below is an example of how the members will need to create the spoiler and what to place inside.

I had used two Jutsu this post, one being Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique and the other being Fire Release: Flame Bullet. Now that I am finished with my post I must place in a spoiler the techniques I used and the Chakra depleted by these techniques (you will be required to continue adding onto the list of Jutsu you used during that thread and the Chakra depleted by your techniques). Lets say Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique cost 15 Chakra and Fire Release: Flame Bullet cost 10 Chakra. My spoiler would look like this:

Chakra 175/200

Technique: Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique
Field: Ninjutsu
Type: Fire Release
Rank: C-rank
Class: Offensive
Range: Short-range
Hand Seals: Horse - Tiger - Ram - Monkey - Boar - Horse - Tiger
Duration: None
Cooldown: Three posts
Chakra Cost: 15
Description: A technique where chakra kneaded inside the body is converted into fire and expelled from the mouth either as a massive orb of roaring flame or as a continuous flame-thrower.

Technique: Fire Release: Flame Bullet
Field: Ninjutsu
Type: Fire Release
Rank: C-rank
Class: Offensive
Range: Short to Mid range
Hand Seals: Snake - Ram - Monkey - Boar - Horse - Tiger
Duration: None
Cooldown: Three posts
Chakra Cost: 10
Description: This technique is executed by the user gathering oil in their mouth which is created by chakra, spitting it out, and igniting it. This technique simply shoots a flame bullet at the enemy.

Now other members in the thread can see how much Chakra you have and what techniques you used. To make this more simplistic it is advised you simply copy and paste Jutsu that you use in a post from your character application and place it inside the spoiler as the process is a lot quicker that way. Also it is important to know that when a Dojutsu is active five points are subtracted per post, post being your own post's and not all the posts in that thread. The same applies with Jinchuriki which subtract five chakra points per post and adds five more chakra if another tail is activated (meaning with one tail active that character will lose five chakra points per post and if they activate their second tail it would increase to subtracting ten chakra points per post and so forth and so on adding five more with each tail active) and Sage Mode which subtracts ten Chakra points per post.

NOTE: When referring to posts per thread that means your own posts in that thread and not the posts from other members.
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