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Training Thread Word Requirements

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Training Thread Word Requirements

Post by Kazuma Uchiha on Mon Jun 03, 2013 3:58 pm

In order to learn higher level techniques and new Jutsu in-general members are required to spend Ryu and post a training thread. Each Training Thread will differentiate from another depending on the level of the Jutsu being learned and perks that add an increased and decreased word modifier (example: increased mastery-based perks) for training threads. Below will list the requirements to learn specific techniques through training.

E-rank Jutsu: 100 Words

D-rank Jutsu: 300 Words

C-rank Jutsu: 500 Words

B-rank Jutsu: 700 Words

A-rank Jutsu: 1200 Words

S-rank Jutsu: 3000 Words

Note: Specializing in a specific Jutsu field reduces the word count by 25% for all techniques that fall under your specialization. If a member is being trained by another member the word count is decreased by 100 Words. It is required that all members put [Training Thread] in the topic title.
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