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Guidelines of the Mission System

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Guidelines of the Mission System

Post by Shizue Uchiha on Fri Jun 07, 2013 2:53 pm

There are five different types of missions. They are D-rank, C-rank, B-rank, A-rank and S-rank. The higher Rank the mission, the more dangerous but also the more rewarding. Below are the different Ranks and what they mean for the missions:

D-rank: assigned to genin fresh from the Academy. They pose almost no risk to the ninja's life and usually consist of odd jobs like farming and babysitting work. The reward for a D-rank mission is 10 ryō.

C-rank: assigned to more experienced genin or chūnin. They are missions anticipated to have some combat involved with the possibility of injury to the shinobi performing it. Examples are guarding people, background investigations, or capturing or suppressing wild animals. The reward for a C-rank mission is 20 ryō.

B-rank: assigned to experienced chūnin/jōnin. They are missions anticipated to involve combat with other ninja. Examples are guarding people, espionage, or killing other ninja. The reward for a B-rank mission is 30 ryō.

A-rank: assigned to jōnin, concerning, among other things, village-or state-level matters and trends. Examples are guarding VIPs or suppressing ninja forces. The reward for an A-rank mission is 40 ryō.

S-rank: assigned to experienced jōnin/ANBU and concern state-level confidential matters. Examples are assassinating VIPs, and transporting highly classified documents. The reward for an S-rank mission is 50 ryō.

Shizue Uchiha Databook

According to the Databook(s):

    - Shizue’s hobbies are deep-sea diving and reading about the history of the Hidden Leaf.  
    - Shizue wishes to fight Kazuma Uchiha.
    - Shizue’s favorite foods are clam and tea dumplings. His least favourite is radish.
    - Shizue has completed 2 official missions in total: 0 D-rank, 1 C-rank, 1 B-rank, 0 A-rank, 0 S-rank.
    - Shizue's favourite phrase is "It is best to win without fighting." (それは戦うことなく勝つために最善の方法です, Sore wa tatakau koto naku katsu tame ni saizen no hōhōdesu.) and Shizue’s favourite word is "family" (家族, kazoku).
Shizue Uchiha
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