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Kenshin Kumoru

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Post by Satoshi Kagayaku on Tue Nov 13, 2007 9:59 pm

Hello my name is Kenshin Kumoru from The Kumoru Clan Of The Phoenix, I study most of the arts of ninjutsu & taijutsu im good with using fire elemental jutsu. My Keke Genkai is Reincarnation everytime I die I come back the next day (Real Days). I have the phoenix demon in me "Hibana The Phoenix Oni" it was sealed in me by high priests. It caused the destruction of The Hibaku Village which was made of skilled ninjas & holy priests as well as Royal Bloodline Citizens. The High Priests who sealed The Seven Tailed Jinchuuriki were called the "Black Accultists." I am now presently in "The Village Hidden In The Stars" I am a Academy Student & just learning The Basic Arts of my village.

"In the end, they always go away..."
- Satoshi Kagayaku
Satoshi Kagayaku
Satoshi Kagayaku

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