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All about Errow

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All about Errow Empty All about Errow

Post by Errow on Mon Jan 21, 2008 1:46 pm

[b] My name is Errow Heroku. No one knows I have Heroku blood, so they still shun me out because of my five-tailed wolf, named Kaishi. I can control some of the demon's chakara. His abilities allow me to not only become three times as strong as I would be, but it can eventually create a special wolf armor around me, which makes me even stronger. But I still have a long way to go, though. I can use my one of a kind kekkai genkai called the Keagugan, or spirit eye to the second level(to lean more, go to the clan forum). I show no mercy to any opponent. I have unimaginable talent, and many of my own powerful created jutsu to boot. I know many jutsu. My dream is to be the world's greatest ninja, who's power and ability will never be matched, even after I die. Get in my way, and I'll kill you without hesitation......

hp- 30
chakara- 30
taijutsu- 5/10
ninjutsu- 3/10
genjutsu- 2/10
(more coming soon!)[b]

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