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The Heroku clan-Keagugan

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The Heroku clan-Keagugan Empty The Heroku clan-Keagugan

Post by Errow on Tue Jan 22, 2008 1:27 am

[b]In this clan, those who have obtained these eyes can see someone's true inner soul, so they can tell if anyone is truely evil, or just a little angry. The eye can blast a wave of chakara at an opponent, even when they are using a jutsu. The wave gets stronger as the eye evolves. There are 5 forms of the Keagugan. In the final form, the wave can be deployed from any direction except from blow, and behind an opponent unless you face that way at them. The first form is a regular eye with a dot in it, the dot and color in the eye turns white, and what is normally white in the eye is black. The second form is the sme except it has two dots in the eye. The 3rd form has therr dots, and the 4th has four dots. In the 5th form though, The dots come together to the center eye, and form a star-like thing with 8 points to it. Ther are also some jutsu for this eye. All of these jutsu not only hurt the opponent physically, but it also attacks their spirit. They are as follows: (No hand signs required as long as you
Level one have enough chakara)
1. Spirit sword- slash opponent with chakara made sword.
2. Spirit blaze- Blast a straight beam of chakara at opponent.
Level 2
3. Spirit paralyzer- paralyzes opponent for a period of time. (Keagugan's level = how long it lasts)
Level 3
4. Resori- attack opponent with swirling sphere of lightning. (gets stronger as eye evolves)
5. Spirit fire- users fighting spirit attacks opponents fighting spirit. (The stronger the will to survive and win = more damage.
level 4
6. Lightning charge- User becomes engulfed in lightning and charges at opponetn. massive damage to opponent. Minor damage to user.
Final level
7. Spirit corruption- Completely disrupts opponents chakara flow and makes their spirit erode in gruesome pain and a beam of flaming yellow spirit power hits opponent. super massive damage to opponent. medium damage to user

The Heroku clan-Keagugan C6f661
Total Value: 6,246,460 Gold


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