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Basic Jutsu

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Basic Jutsu Empty Basic Jutsu

Post by Kazuma Uchiha on Tue Jun 04, 2013 3:34 pm

There are a few jutsu that even the most elementary ninja knows. It's required of your character to have the Body Replacement Technique "Kawarimi no Jutsu" but there are others that may be essential for your character. Below is a list of some of the most basic jutsu, copy and paste the Body Replacement Technique into your character application when you get to your List of Jutsu. Adding any one of these jutsu to your list of jutsu counts as the total number of jutsu you are able to start with.

Technique: Body Replacement Technique
Field: Ninjutsu, General skill
Type: None
Rank: E
Class: Supplementary
Range: Self
Hand Seals: Ram → Boar → Ox → Dog → Snake
Duration: None
Cooldown: None
Drawbacks: Limited to 2 uses (E), 3 uses (D), 4 uses (C), 5 uses (B+) per thread.
Chakra Cost: 5
Description: With this technique, users replace their own body with some other object, generally with a block of wood, the moment an attack lands. This creates an optical illusion, making the enemy think the attack was successful. From this, the user can use the lapse in the enemy's attention to attack or flee from the battlefield. Explosive tags can be attached to the replacement for an added surprise. It's a basic ninjutsu even taught at the Academy, but it's a useful art that can be applied in variety of situations.

Technique: Transformation Technique
Field: Ninjutsu, General skill
Type: None
Rank: E
Class: Supplementary
Range: Self
Hand Seals: Dog → Boar → Ram
Duration: Eight posts
Cooldown: Four posts
Drawbacks: None
Chakra Cost: 5
Description: Given all the missions ninja are assigned to - battle, intelligence gathering, diversions - this is a priceless ninjutsu. It is typically used to change into people other than oneself, but one also has the ability to change into animals, plants, and even inanimate objects like weapons. This gives this technique an abundance of uses. The transformation of a skilled shinobi will be exactly like the genuine article, so it will be impossible to tell the two apart. On the other hand, a transformation performed by an inexperienced person will have obvious discrepancies. It will be impossible to deceive anyone with it. This is one of the most basic ninjutsu, as such most shinobi know how to perform it.

Technique: Clone Technique
Field: Ninjutsu, General skill
Type: None
Rank: E
Class: Supplementary
Range: Self
Hand Seals: None
Duration: None
Cooldown: Two posts
Drawbacks: Can create a maximum of two clones (D), five clones (C), 10 clones (B). Cooldown increases by one with each time used.
Chakra Cost: 5
Description: A ninjutsu that creates an intangible copy of one's own body, without any substance. Since the clone itself doesn't have the ability to attack, and thus can only be used to confuse the enemy, it is mainly used in combination with other ninjutsu. It's a basic technique, but depending on one's ingenuity, it can be used effectively. The clones may dissipate when they come into contact with something.

These clones can be easily distinguished by persons with dōjutsu. A person with normal eyes can also distinguish the clones from the original, since the clones do not have shadows and will not disrupt the area around themselves with their movement (i.e. won't kick up dust, crush grass, etc.)

Technique: Genjutsu Dissipation
Field: Chakra flow
Type: None
Rank: D-B
Class: Supplementary
Range: Self
Hand Seals: None
Duration: None
Cooldown: Three Posts
Drawbacks: This technique is wholly dependent on your character's rank. If your character is the same rank as the jutsu used (D-B ONLY) then he/she can break free of its influence. If he/she is a rank below the Genjutsu, he/she will have to inflict pain on themselves or have someone else apply a surge of chakra into the character in question. If the Genjutsu is two ranks above the target, it cannot be broken out of except by having someone else aid the character in question.
Chakra Cost: 10 (D), 15 (C), 20 (B)
Description: The ninja stops the flow of chakra in their body, and then applies an even stronger power to disrupt the flow of the caster's chakra; this is called Genjutsu Dissipation (Genjutsu Kai). This can also be done by an unaffected ninja by applying a sudden surge of chakra into the affected person.
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